Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I made a batch for breakfast this. It blueberries with sour cream and sprinkled with sugar. MM ... very tasty. And my favorite hot milk. Just love.
1 - gray pencil for eyes
2 -
mascara Giordani Gold (vip volume) color black
3 - lipstick smell of cherry and vanilla
4 - tone cream MaXfactor (Ivory Beige) #101
5 - lip gloss Avon (Sugar Cane)

I have many handbags for cosmetics, but this favorite.
although a bit large - but I have them well.

My mom bought me these two blouses, beautiful right?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love her

Ulya. Just wild.

I awakened desire to be photographed.
My Favourite

I love her very much.

Ulya thank you for time well spent. Miss.

as you see in the photo - gorgeous weather. I had a good time with Uliana.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I very much love this movie. And especially love Taylor (Jacob). I can watch this film for hours. Interesting you exciting.
Made on webcam and Diana's birthday
the window of good weather - good mood.

I love when he makes such lovely eyes. Richie always does so when it was taken away from food or a toy. He then so funny .. haha.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

aaa .. guys ... I Know what I do. I'm bored now. With good weather window - but I do not want to go outside. Today in my city celebration.
I picture this without makeup and it made at 8:00 am, so I'm sleepy here. This is done in musicians.

I was just walking with Richie, and realized that things I need to do:
1. Take diet (soon to go back to the sea should look like in form)
2. put in his room (just a repair)
3. make a good face on the face (pimples print)
4. hair colored in brown

Friday, June 25, 2010

Crazy love

They are very restless


Thank you my dear for the well spent time. I will never forget you. My expensive. I love you.

Vampire Diaries

This series I love very much, although only watched the first season. But it took me very much - I fell in love with him, especially Damon. Spefan also good, but I like Damon, he so sexy .. mm .. super Nina. I love it. I also suggest you watch this series you!


I very much like this photo. I sometimes do afford the hair of your head, but then I look like kolobok.Ulyana like when I'm doing so-so - because this is her hairstyle daily. I do not really like - I anticipate loose hair.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It is also my favorite style. A simple but with taste. What do you think?
I have this t-shirt and sweaters. Glasses simply captivating.
Relax on the great success. Everything was cool, but there are also many negative emotions. While positive emotions overflow my head. Thank you people with good memories. Bad was that was terrible weather and bad eating and teacher screaming like mad. The photo houses where we lived. I lived in one room with Uliana and Lyuda. We were on the bus 50 km. After my mother took me and we went home. More photos tomorrow yet spread. A weary and out of sleep.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well all my miles, I went to relax with friends. I will be in 3 days. Coming soon new photos. I like. Miss.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear. Miss you.

my cousin. I love her very much. She now lives in Spain (already 5 years). Now its 16 years, she is a year older than me, but it is also known as Tanya. She lives with her father, mother and brother. She comes every summer to me, and this year has come. So I will wait to look! I love you. Kisses.

In the photo my mother Galina and my brother Sasha. I love them very much. But the father lacked. Soon the whole family photo spread.

my home zoo

I have a zoo at home: dog, turtle, parrot. This picture of my Ninja Turtles. I do not really like it because it disgusting, but like my brother Sasha.
oh ... 12:00 am and I only just got out of bed. I slept 11 hours. I'm hoarse, sick, sore throat. I think that everything will be OK.
Richie still sleeping .. haha .. so cute ..

Friday, June 18, 2010


So sleeps my miracle. It is lovely. I love my Richie!

little joy

look at a kitten - is not it lovely?
This cat lived with me two days (they still had 3 kittens). But then my parents took them for sale. I hope they fall in good hands. They were truly to be playful and hungry, so I gave them hot milk, which they drank with joy .. It was so beautiful.

Rest soon

aa ... a rest soon .. cheers .. from Uliana and Lyuda. I would sooner on Monday. We're there to drink, smoke, hanging out in full, so Wish me luck. But I will miss for family, friends and blog. I love you. I will miss Richie!

My ideal!

My love!
I love Taylor Lautner. He is my ideal of God he so darling, I WANT him ... America is waiting for me, I arrive to you, Taylor!


haha, but who still love them! I play such a child - they still like me. Such ideal. These beautiful. I want to be like them. In my closet still they are quire there! But .. I have not played them. I'm already a big girl. Although sometimes feel like returning to childhood .. does not it?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Impress cool, right?
I love this dress, I have these shoes and blouse ... this is my favorite clothes! This style I love, who loves a st?

My honey

This is my dog Richard (Richie). He now 10 months. He was born September 8, 2009, so after 3 months it will be one year. I love him very much. He is fluffy and curly, as his species - dwarf poodle. Richie is very stingy dog when he eats it he can not take anything, he immediately Bites, and his lack, and so it is very good and good! He loves playing with me and with all. He has dark purple eyes, and its total length of 33 centimeters. I love his miracles ...

thank you for what you have in me!