Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A trip to another culture like! Noted!
Although I am not a supporter of such events, but I must admit that I liked it. There can really be a good time.
Second year I go with my parents to Lemkivsky Bells. This year has traveled with us 12 people. Took pictures, listened to a concert and full bellies filled barbecue. Many people were very, all in national dress, very good!
This occurred on August 5, and I was a little sad, because Boris did not go out for a birthday (I wanted it to be about me, me. We got home late, go for it 2 and a half hours, and and tired for many walk)
Overall I liked it, be sure to go next year, but with Boris) haha

Lemko Bells - Ukrainian traditional festival of Lemko culture.
Lasts 2 days.

In 2012, the festival took place August 4-5. The festival attended by over 20,000 Lemkos. The result of the festival was the fact that in Monastyrisky going to build a town to stay Lemkos. Also scheduled to open Lemko Museum in the open.

 Me and mom, dad and brother)^

sister's arrival

Only a small piece of my summer - my sister's arrival from Spain. Her name is also Tania and I had not seen for 3 years. And now managed to miss. She came with her boyfriend and parents. A August I was with him. We often went walking together celebrating the holidays. She was with Damian (her boyfriend) and I was with Boris. It was fun, as it is older than me only half a year, we studied together and lived together in one apartment.
They are Europeans, and it shows. Quite a different culture, a different attitude.
Together celebrated the City Day and Independence Day, went to restaurants where well-rested. Beautifully!
Boris and I learned a lot of words, especially bad) whore mother!
I would like to go to visit her, because 

I really miss, I really want to only my cousin was with me.

with my darling Borya<3 br="br">
 I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

human error

People make mistakes, which are then spared. And especially I'm talking about myself. But all people are wrong. regret and am very sorry. People learn from their mistakes, as if there was not. I am sorry for the mistakes. I can not say as I remember the past, but I do not want.

Men, you should forgive her girls. His only girl you love!
Remember, If a man love - forgive her everything. Think about whether you forgive my mistakes in the past. I really want the answer.  

I love you very much. 
Forgive me.