Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sister's arrival

Only a small piece of my summer - my sister's arrival from Spain. Her name is also Tania and I had not seen for 3 years. And now managed to miss. She came with her boyfriend and parents. A August I was with him. We often went walking together celebrating the holidays. She was with Damian (her boyfriend) and I was with Boris. It was fun, as it is older than me only half a year, we studied together and lived together in one apartment.
They are Europeans, and it shows. Quite a different culture, a different attitude.
Together celebrated the City Day and Independence Day, went to restaurants where well-rested. Beautifully!
Boris and I learned a lot of words, especially bad) whore mother!
I would like to go to visit her, because 

I really miss, I really want to only my cousin was with me.

with my darling Borya<3 br="br">
 I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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