Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A trip to another culture like! Noted!
Although I am not a supporter of such events, but I must admit that I liked it. There can really be a good time.
Second year I go with my parents to Lemkivsky Bells. This year has traveled with us 12 people. Took pictures, listened to a concert and full bellies filled barbecue. Many people were very, all in national dress, very good!
This occurred on August 5, and I was a little sad, because Boris did not go out for a birthday (I wanted it to be about me, me. We got home late, go for it 2 and a half hours, and and tired for many walk)
Overall I liked it, be sure to go next year, but with Boris) haha

Lemko Bells - Ukrainian traditional festival of Lemko culture.
Lasts 2 days.

In 2012, the festival took place August 4-5. The festival attended by over 20,000 Lemkos. The result of the festival was the fact that in Monastyrisky going to build a town to stay Lemkos. Also scheduled to open Lemko Museum in the open.

 Me and mom, dad and brother)^

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