Monday, March 19, 2012

The time will come soon - we need to tell them about your blog

First, it is necessary to say that I want to write more in the blog. But I fear that I will be ashamed of it Borie, and of those who know about it. I want to continue it, but that's how come.

First of shos new: I'm with Boris is very good, he loves me, and I love it. Were the usual quarrels, tears, but all right. This man who I greatly appreciated. But I do not want to worry about now through love, through everything. In my head everything in a pile, I can not now.

of the Day gifts for women. Thank you for this! I appreciate it very much. We then really well rested, and I was pleased, I have not seen such gifts because such gifts to me no one did, except my dad.
What about the father, he now travels to Poland sometimes, and I worried for him and miss, though sometimes it brings tasty.

Present my spirits: sit at home with a cup
hot tea, and wait for the call, and my father, who must now come from Poland.

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